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Scott’s Directories is a top provider of business data and lead generating solutions for the B2B community in North America. It was launched in 1957 with the purpose of arming various businesses with accurate, updated and detailed data of their consumers. Since then, it has been highly successful in providing complete solutions for data requirements of various organizations, pertaining to a wide range of industries.

The Effects of COVID-19 on B2B Pharma Sales as Ontario Reopens



As Ontario emerges from our pandemic lockdowns, there are many changes taking place to the face of B2B sales. However-when it comes to B2B pharma sales and marketing- many of these changes already took place within the industry. What can be helpful, is knowing what these changes are when interacting with your List of drugstores clients.


One of the biggest changes to come about in the B2B pharma sales world, is the way marketing became more focused on connecting with clients on a more human-to-human level. After the massive changes that the pandemic first brought to the B2B healthcare sphere, it was imperative for businesses to approach any outreach from a place of recognizing the difficulties taking place on a human level within the healthcare industry. The most important thing was no longer making a great first impression, but being cognizant about how your reaching out to your list of Canadian pharmacies would be looked back upon as being either empathetic or cold during such strange times. With this change, expect to continue approaching outreach from a place of empathy, and recognition of the challenges that those working within the healthcare industry have faced over the pandemic.


Another effect the pandemic has had on the B2B pharma sales sphere, is digital advertising. The pandemic pushed many industries forward into increased digitization, and the pharma sales sector is no different. With many people having more time at home, there was also a growth in companies getting people’s attention by temporarily making resources, such as educational content, freely available.


Lastly, the state of the B2B pharma sales sector has been heavily influenced by the rise in “telemedicine”. In order to help with social distancing efforts, telemedicine became incredibly important during the pandemic lockdowns. It allowed patients to access the care that they needed from their list of pharmacies in Ontario in a socially distanced way, which helped many patients feel more secure and safe. It was also a measure recommended by the CDC for those who wanted medical care for “non-urgent concerns. Making the telemedicine administration of prescriptions and medicine as easy as possible became especially important.


How to Prepare to Sell to Manufacturers


For B2B marketers looking to break into the manufacturing market, there are a few key things to know. With those working in the manufacturing industries often overlooked as potential great clients, especially for B2B businesses involved in the tech world, it could be truly beneficial to gain some new manufacturing leads. Manufacturing clients can offer great business relationships and can help push through some really lucrative sales! The key is to “know before you go”.


A great tool to help you and your team be better equipped to break into the manufacturing industry is a list of Ontario manufacturing companies. This is for a multitude of reasons. For any B2B business looking to expand into a new sector, it can be incredibly helpful to have access to a comprehensive list of manufacturing companies in Ontario to reach out to. This will help your team become equipped with reliable and in depth contact information. However, this is especially important for the manufacturing industry, because having manufacturing references prepared and ready to go will be a huge benefit when selling to new manufacturing clients. Generally, key buyers in the manufacturing world have a strong preference for working with businesses that already have some experience in manufacturing. The sooner you have access to a comprehensive list of contacts for manufacturing companies in Canada, the sooner you will have built enough business relationships in the manufacturing world to produce a wealth of manufacturing references.


Something else that can really help you and your team prepare to sell to manufacturers, is being knowledgeable enough about the Ontario manufacturing companies that you will be selling to. As a general rule, most manufacturing decision makers will want to know two main things. One, that you and your team will be able to seamlessly work with any older “legacy equipment” that they already have, as well as that your company will highly value them as clients. In order to impress these two concepts upon potential new manufacturing leads, it is important to have some general information already gathered on clients. Knowing what systems and equipment they might have already in place can better prepare your team to assure them that your company can incorporate, and work with, their already existing equipment. Some prior knowledge about clients can also help them feel more prioritised, as you will be coming to them with a more targeted and personal sales pitch.



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How to Sell Specialized Products to Schools


One of the best ways to move merchandise quickly is to focus marketing efforts on a specific target market. Once you understand your key demographic, you can craft a strategic outreach campaign. A Canadian school database is a powerful tool for helping guide your sales strategy, especially if you sell specialized products.


Here are three examples of how a company could utilize a list of colleges in Canada to sell specialized products.


Equipment For Students With Special Needs


A company that sells equipment for special needs students should target only institutions that have these programs. In this case, the company should utilize a list of colleges in Canada sorted by specialty. A place that caters to autistic students may be especially interested in purchasing sensory stimulation supplies or quiet room equipment. A list of colleges in Toronto can help your ramp company to an institution that specifically educates students who use mobility devices.


Music Education Supplies


Not all learning institutions have fully-fledged music programs. It would be a waste of your marketing dollars to reach out to a superintendent who doesn’t have a music budget. Instead, search for “music” in a list of colleges in Toronto and you can target decision-makers who have the money to purchase what your company produces. To get even more specific, you could search by keyword “music,” college-age, and by geography. This could allow your sales team to segment their approach and see which prospects respond best to your pitch. Perhaps colleges in Atlantic Canada are especially interested in hand-held musical instruments that can be shaken.


Art Supplies For Affinity Programs


Many institutions were founded around a particular affinity, such as art or technology. These students need subject-specific supplies consistently and could be a great source of revenue for your company. Search through a list of colleges in Canada to find programs where students might need your company’s products. The department head might be the perfect person to target for sales calls.


No matter what kind of product or service you sell, a Canadian school database can help focus your outreach efforts. Smarter marketing means higher conversion and more revenue. Avoid wasting time reaching out to people who don’t need what you sell, and use a smart data system like Scott’s Directories instead.


Dirty Data: A Silent Killer of Quality Leads

There are some key pillars necessary to build a strong foundation for your B2B sales efforts. Amongst other things, the ability to develop a constant flow of quality leads tops the list. Without quality leads – and with standard attrition – your B2B sales figures are bound to come crumbling down. Generating a quality lead list depends on the quality of a Ontario business directory and database, especially when targeting Ontario manufacturing companies.


Avoid Dirty Data and Develop Stronger Leads


Dirty data - A silent killer of quality leads


Statistics rarely lie, but they do paint a bleak picture at times. Take the hours lost by sales departments that wind up chasing bad leads as a result of using dirty data – as much at 600 hours a year, and a loss of over $30,000 for every sales rep building their sales strategy using it. If you’ve managing a team of 10 sales people, do the math. If you’re team is targeting manufacturing companies in Canada, for example, you want to make sure the data you’re using is accurate; in other words, it’s important to know if the company you’re planning on presenting a sales package to is actually still operating, or hasn’t moved location, or hasn’t been bought out by another company. You want to make sure the Marketing Manager’s name you put on the proposal is still employed there; you want to make sure you spell that person’s name correctly. Dirty data can compromise all those elements of your B2B sales efforts, and compromised Ontario business database leads to poor performance.


Data: The Key to Account-Based Marketing Success

When it comes to modern account-based marketing strategies, nothing is more important than the quality of your data when developing your marketing and building your lead generation strategies. That’s where a Canadian business database or company database of Canada like Scott’s Directories comes in.


local business directory canada


If sales and marketing people are your worker bees, than data is the nectar they collect when pollinating your business leads. Empowering them by giving them access to a Canadian directory and Canadian database loaded with endless data is the best thing you can do for your team. Credible data is not only a great resource: it is the cornerstone to success in B2B marketing. Imagine having direct access to a shaft of gold without having to do all the laborious, time-consuming mining beforehand; direct access to a Canadian business directory database helps reduce the time sales and marketing people spend looking for potential clients. A database rich in contact information gives your sales team immediate lead generation, and potentially a fast-track to sales.


Data is the key to account-based marketing success in today’s business world. Trying to conduct business without access to credible data is like building your contact leads by skipping through a 60’s era Rolodex or randomly calling people from a box of business cards your team has collected through their travels. Accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive data is the building block for effective sales strategy development.


The Canadian Manufacturers Directory: How It Can Help You Grow Your Business

Business owners associated with manufacturing have access to an exceptional means of growing their business through a business directory that’s far superior to the information that might be found through other sources like the Internet.


It’s called the Canadian Manufacturers Directory and it’s available through Scott’s Directories – a preeminent publisher of the most detailed and comprehensive business directories available.


If you’re a business owner who’s looking for a competitive edge and means of taking your business to the next level, the Canadian Manufacturers Directory is an outstanding directory available from Scott’s Directories. Scott’s Directories specializes in collecting and organizing targeted sales and contact leads for businesses and organizations in all industry sectors. Scott’s offers a comprehensive number of thoroughly sourced and collated print and online directories that can help you grow your business.



The Canadian national business directory of Wholesale distributors in Canada will help you...


-Identify new business opportunities;

-Source qualified sales, business, and supplier leads;

-Reach new key-decision makers;

-Improve your company’s sales and marketing efforts;

-Identify and research existing business prospects as well as competitors;

-Develop cost-effective targeted contact lists;

-Find high-yielding suppliers that are important to you;

-Source firms with qualified, skilled labor, and production capabilities