Dirty Data: A Silent Killer of Quality Leads

There are some key pillars necessary to build a strong foundation for your B2B sales efforts. Amongst other things, the ability to develop a constant flow of quality leads tops the list. Without quality leads – and with standard attrition – your B2B sales figures are bound to come crumbling down. Generating a quality lead list depends on the quality of a Ontario business directory and database, especially when targeting Ontario manufacturing companies.


Avoid Dirty Data and Develop Stronger Leads


Dirty data - A silent killer of quality leads


Statistics rarely lie, but they do paint a bleak picture at times. Take the hours lost by sales departments that wind up chasing bad leads as a result of using dirty data – as much at 600 hours a year, and a loss of over $30,000 for every sales rep building their sales strategy using it. If you’ve managing a team of 10 sales people, do the math. If you’re team is targeting manufacturing companies in Canada, for example, you want to make sure the data you’re using is accurate; in other words, it’s important to know if the company you’re planning on presenting a sales package to is actually still operating, or hasn’t moved location, or hasn’t been bought out by another company. You want to make sure the Marketing Manager’s name you put on the proposal is still employed there; you want to make sure you spell that person’s name correctly. Dirty data can compromise all those elements of your B2B sales efforts, and compromised Ontario business database leads to poor performance.

Source: http://www.scottsdirectories.com/dirty-data-a-silent-killer-of-quality-leads