How to Prepare to Sell to Manufacturers


For B2B marketers looking to break into the manufacturing market, there are a few key things to know. With those working in the manufacturing industries often overlooked as potential great clients, especially for B2B businesses involved in the tech world, it could be truly beneficial to gain some new manufacturing leads. Manufacturing clients can offer great business relationships and can help push through some really lucrative sales! The key is to “know before you go”.


A great tool to help you and your team be better equipped to break into the manufacturing industry is a list of Ontario manufacturing companies. This is for a multitude of reasons. For any B2B business looking to expand into a new sector, it can be incredibly helpful to have access to a comprehensive list of manufacturing companies in Ontario to reach out to. This will help your team become equipped with reliable and in depth contact information. However, this is especially important for the manufacturing industry, because having manufacturing references prepared and ready to go will be a huge benefit when selling to new manufacturing clients. Generally, key buyers in the manufacturing world have a strong preference for working with businesses that already have some experience in manufacturing. The sooner you have access to a comprehensive list of contacts for manufacturing companies in Canada, the sooner you will have built enough business relationships in the manufacturing world to produce a wealth of manufacturing references.


Something else that can really help you and your team prepare to sell to manufacturers, is being knowledgeable enough about the Ontario manufacturing companies that you will be selling to. As a general rule, most manufacturing decision makers will want to know two main things. One, that you and your team will be able to seamlessly work with any older “legacy equipment” that they already have, as well as that your company will highly value them as clients. In order to impress these two concepts upon potential new manufacturing leads, it is important to have some general information already gathered on clients. Knowing what systems and equipment they might have already in place can better prepare your team to assure them that your company can incorporate, and work with, their already existing equipment. Some prior knowledge about clients can also help them feel more prioritised, as you will be coming to them with a more targeted and personal sales pitch.



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